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The journey from funnel to flywheel didn’t happen at HubSpot overnight — in fact, it took years, and our work still isn’t done. Here’s how Jon Dick, VP of Marketing at HubSpot, explains how we’ve been adapting our business to be more customer — and flywheel — friendly:


 “Here at HubSpot, our flywheels represents a circular process where customers feed growth. We’ve invested more in customer marketing, more in customer advocacy, and more in creating delightful onboarding for new customers. We’ve also invested in an integrations ecosystem that helps customers do more with HubSpot and creates real value for people who adopt our suite of software.


Friction kills flywheels. We’ve made investments that systematically target our biggest points of friction: Great free software as an entry point, channels that help people connect now instead of later, a sales process that solves for prospects, and a broad range of customer education.”


In 2018 and beyond, the biggest threat to your company’s growth isn’t your competitors. It’s a bad customer experience.


That's why companies need to put their customers first and do more than just grow — they need to grow better. At HubSpot, growing better means remembering that your customers are people first, not numbers on a spreadsheet — so interact with them how and when they want. It's placing customers at the center of your business and valuing relationships, not just deals. Growing better is applying force to the strongest areas of your business and eliminating any friction that gets in the way — especially if it has a negative impact on your customers.


If your company is difficult to navigate or relies on less-than-honest tactics, don’t be surprised when people start walking out the door. But if you take the time to invest in transparent, easy-to-understand processes that truly serve your customers, you just might find yourself at the top.


Next Steps


If you’re ready to grow better with the inbound methodology and the flywheel, the HubSpot’s Platform provides you with the tools you need.


It unifies the marketing, sales, and service view of the customer. Each custom record is accessible by all customer-facing teams allowing you to track each individual contact from the very first touch. And by combining a CRM, marketing automation, and service management in one platform, it provides you with the tools you need to add force and remove friction from your flywheel.


DISCLAIMER: This article is sourced from our partner, HubSpot.